Ar. Kshitij Amodekar

SEED, Bangalore

Kshitij Amodekar is an architect experienced in the design and building industry. He has in-depth knowledge of low cost, earth construction and had special interest in housing. He specialized in Environmental design and Engineering in his Postgraduate studies and turned towards sustainability, renewable energy and green design.
He currently Heads Sustainability and Climate change team at SEED engineering consultants, a Dubai/India based firm. He is devoted to the cause of reduction of GHG emissions to mitigate climate change impacts through the Renewable energy, building design (active and passive) and LZC (low or zero carbon technology). Also to ensure in the process the occupants and the users of the built environment have sustainable, comfortable thermal and social environment.
The latest developments have led him to believe water, energy and food security are issues which shall dominate the next couple of decades and he intends to formulate a strategy with which to professionally link all the above issues in achieving the mentioned sustainable environment for an individual and the masses.
He feels the social side of sustainability is also of utmost importance. UNDP sustainability goals list these very clearly. Kshitij works with a Delhi based NGO called „STEP- Standing together to enable peace.
The inspiration of this NGO is to promote peace and working with youth from conflict zones and communities at risk to inspire change. Kshitij has a multidisciplinary experience, projects across the world. He has worked on several projects, Masterplanning, Infrastructure, Retail, Hospitality, Housing, Commercial, Manufacturing, Social front with NGOs and also sustainable energy.
This has given him insights in the world of business and deep understanding of development of business along with socio-economic-ecology capital management.
Paris agreement has been ratified and has come into effect on 4th November 2016.It is an agreement within the United Nations framework Convention on Climate Change.