Ar. Kalapi Buch

Sfurna designs, Bharuch

‘Sfurna Designs’ renamed in the year 2011 is the design firm based in Bharuch city of Gujarat, India led by Architect Kalapi Buch and Architect Maitri Buch. The word ‘Sfurna’ means ‘that which comes from within’. Respecting ‘the intuition’, we strive to design & build original, inspirational & timeless environs believing that it is our responsibility to glorify our profession by professing & implementing values, idealism & ideologies. As designers, it’s our prerogative to have ‘Art’ as an utmost integral part of Design with innovation in approach to the design, material & space realized through use of natural resources of natural light, wind & views valuing local material, culture, art & craft & amalgamating it with present. Deciphering the philosophy of the client through ‘mind sketch’ & giving an indigenous design concept & eventually design for Human safety, Human Need & Human comfort with 3R’s of Reduce, Reuse & Recycle.