Existing Facilities
  • Well-equipped Lecture Halls.
  • Audio Visual Presentation Room.
  • Design Studios.
  • Photography Lab.
  • Climatology Lab.
  • Multimedia CAD Lab with LAN and 24-hour Internet facilities.
  • Material Museum - with a collection of all kinds of buildings materials like roofing, floor tiles, sanitary ware, etc.
  • Design Workshop - equipped with working platform for a group of students who can work on 3D models during the process of design development from the conceptual stage to the final design level.
  • Construction yard.
  • Department Library - with latest books, Journals and Magazines in all fields of Architecture covering all disciplines.

    The department of architecture organizes workshop on an intensive topics ranging from basic visual arts to 3D architectural printing all around the academic year. Their workshop helps the student to adopt to the present day architectural culture, and equip them for their future professional practice. We have an exclusive department workshop with all the necessary equipments.

    Material library is an extensive collection of building materials widely used in the field of architecture and construction, it is a resourceful space for the students to have hands on experience to explore the materials in practicality. Students are emerged to first handedly construct structures using these materials and also the available scrap.

    Construction yard is a platform for the students to enhance their knowledge on the construction materials and their techniques to provide hands on training in the practical architecture field with the guidance of experienced personals. It is a practice carried out in the department to inculcate the field experience for students.

    Art room is an archive of students’ work over the past year which range from basic visual art models to the design sheets.

    Apart from the main library of the institution, the department of architecture has its own library wholly dedicated for books related to architecture which can be accessed by the students and staffs during college hours. We also have monthly subscribed magazines for the students to keep them updated with the ongoing trends globally. A well-furnished reading space is also provided with the adequate lighting and ventilation facility. Our present date collection of books is 8127, where 14 of them are national journals ,13 are international journals and 1273 are e-journals.